about me

3d modeling | 2d graphic | product design | audio editing

I like to learn a lot of different things.
I like startups and people behind them.
I like people and the startups that make them happier.
I like anything in the communication field.
I like flat graphics, logos and infographics.
I like great, modern architecture.
I like to travel.
I like to discover tiny things about other cultures.
I like to speak english.
I like to hear english.
I like electronic music.
I like to make music.

But in the end, what really matters is to CREATE VALUE and INNOVATE.
No matter how.

DeS_Naz_PurpleNazzareno Giannelli

via Monte Trebbio n.8a, 47013 Dovadola (FC), Italy.

tel.: +39 335 13 12 044 / mail: nazzareno.giannelli@gmail.com