Beers for everyone!

After following the latest tutorial from Andrew Price, that’s what I came up with. Three glasses of beer suitable for every taste! Cheers!


We Got Wired!



With the Giochi Accessibili project, we have been selected from Wired for the Top 100 italian young enterpreneurs and startups!
The aim of the project is to create board games accessible also by blind and visually impaired people, allowing everyone to enjoy playful moments with their friends and families. In the last months I’m really pushing for this project and that’s why at the moment this page is not massively filled with 3d renders and Blender stuff in general. It’s a really interesting and innovative project that is giving me the opportunity to meet a lot of lovely people and their amazing ideas.

Dragon’s Loyalty Award!




Few days ago I’ve been awarded by David Zerba with this Dragon’s Loyalty Award. The goal of this is to show appreciation to other bloggers we like and follow, to make a list of their blogs and give the award to some of them.

A big thank you to David for the award! I will try to make my nominees as soon as possible! Meanwhile you can take a look at his own list of pretty interesting blogs.


Business Model Canvas updated



I just shared on Google Drive a version 2 of the handy business model canvas tool that you can save on your Drive, edit and share with your collaborators. You can download it here.

This second version comes with different post-it colours to identify different customers and things connected to them.

Messing around with Krita


Messing around with Krita

I knew about Krita before, but I forgot about it till yesterday. I downloaded the latest version and I just plugged in the pen tablet. The feeling with the software and the interface is really nice! I will be using it for sure for some illustration.
Enjoy this meaningless wallpaper done in just few seconds of madness with Krita.

Curtains like a Pro


Curtains like a Pro

Thanks to the Architecture Academy from Andrew Price, I’m becoming every day more and more confident in material creation and modelling in Blender. This is what I’ve got after following the tutorial on the creation of curtains with Cycles.
After the beak you will find a picture showing the node setup for the curtain’s material.

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Florence Knoll Sofa made in Blender


Florence Knoll Sofa made in Blender

Last week I joined the Architecture Academy course by Andrew Price, an online course subdivided in 7 modules and packed with many hours of tutorials, tips and knowledge. The project for the first week is to render an interior lounge room and because of this I’m preparing all the furniture and stuff that I will import in the scene. After the cushions it was the time for the couch to be modelled and so I decided to make a 3d version of the Florence Knoll Sofa. I will post this and other models on BlendSwap pretty soon, so stay tuned for more stuff from the Architecture Academy!