Corona renderer is a damn good, fast and free (for now) alternative!

Corona renderer test scene

Recently I stumbled upon Corona renderer and I made a test scene just for the purpose of trying it using the Blender exporter plugin and the standalone version of the renderer. I have to say, and you can see it from the picture above, that I’m really impressed by the easy way of managing materials, the great light effects and the incredible speed of this piece of software. The image you see took almost twenty minutes for this level of sharpness, but after six, seven minutes it was already very well shaped and a lot cleaner than anything you can achieve with Cycles in the same amount of time.

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Dragon’s Loyalty Award!




Few days ago I’ve been awarded by David Zerba with this Dragon’s Loyalty Award. The goal of this is to show appreciation to other bloggers we like and follow, to make a list of their blogs and give the award to some of them.

A big thank you to David for the award! I will try to make my nominees as soon as possible! Meanwhile you can take a look at his own list of pretty interesting blogs.