New page, new domain, new stuff coming


I’m in the process of moving my personal webpage on a fresh new account, with improved usability, more updated functionalities and new stuff I’m making. In few days this dotsandshadows address will come back to the initial¬†¬†state. I will use it as is in the upcoming months untill the fresh new page is ready to replace it.


When the site refresh will be complete I will update it more often with news, new projects, freebies and maybe also some tutorial…so stay tuned for it!


Business Model Canvas updated



I just shared on Google Drive a version 2 of the handy business model canvas tool that you can save on your Drive, edit and share with your collaborators. You can download it here.

This second version comes with different post-it colours to identify different customers and things connected to them.

Business Model Canvas template for Google Docs

BMCanvas templateYesterday I’ve been at WESTARTER meeting in Bologna. During the afternoon, I’ve been part of a Contamination Lab where we discussed for few hours about my “boardgames for the blinds” project. There were very different people in the group, like designers, startuppers, mathematicians and so on, and discussing with them has been really important, because they gave me a lot of feedbacks and advices. After discussing every part of the project we had to fill a poster with a lot of post its, where we wrote down in few words the key aspects. This is called Business Model Canvas and maybe you will find it useful as I found it yesterday. So I prepared a digital version that you can download or copy to your gmail account for free! The digital version is pretty useful if you wanna make some change at any time, or when you are talking to your group mates on Skype.

Click here for the Business Model Canvas template

Here a quick video that explains what this is all about.