Corona renderer is a damn good, fast and free (for now) alternative!

Corona renderer test scene

Recently I stumbled upon Corona renderer and I made a test scene just for the purpose of trying it using the Blender exporter plugin and the standalone version of the renderer. I have to say, and you can see it from the picture above, that I’m really impressed by the easy way of managing materials, the great light effects and the incredible speed of this piece of software. The image you see took almost twenty minutes for this level of sharpness, but after six, seven minutes it was already very well shaped and a lot cleaner than anything you can achieve with Cycles in the same amount of time.

Infact after this test I wanted to use the same scene and emulate the same materials and lighting with Cycles. It took an hour to render the image below and you can see how much noisy it is even after so much time.

Cycles scene test

Comparing the two I’m not even convinced about the lighting in the Cycles version…and the glass material gave me quite some problem while I was trying to balance the render speed and the quality of the final image. I admit that probably I had to optimize a bit more the Cycles scene…but I can also say that for the first time I ever used Corona, I was able to manage it very easily and the result really made me proud of it.

Corona renderer test sceneCycles renderer test scene

Did you try Corona renderer? What do you think about this quick comparison between Corona and Cycles? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Corona renderer is a damn good, fast and free (for now) alternative!

  1. Like you said corona is damn good, I tried to make a interior viz, its light is unbelievable, but you can’t even make a small geometry modeling mistake, and it did me a weird bug: materials are swapping up randomly – i.e. material of wall is switching with material of floor and so on. couldn’t find a solution to it, maybe my RAM is too small – that might be reason. and on more thing – you can’t link other assets to your scene… that sucks. but maybe in future they’ll make it more perfect, right now Cycles run the blender – my opinion, but future is in the hands of Corona…

    • Hi Maruf, thanks for passing by. I agree with you, Corona’s light is incredible. Cycles is the only complete solution in Blender right now, but sometimes I am a bit upset for its long render times (it makes it almost unusable in a steady pipeline) and the workarounds you have to face once in a while, for a great, realistic result. I like the complete integration of Cycles into Blender, but it needs many improvements to compete with big names as Vray or Octane.

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